Saturday, March 12, 2011

Countdown of Biennial Highlights...Wu Tsang

Wu Tsang, Damelo Todo (Give Me Everything), 2010;
HD video, color, sound; 20:07 min.; Courtesy of the artist

"[Damelo Todo (Give Me Everything)] interweaves unexpected subjects in unforeseen ways." –Christopher Knight, Los Angeles Times

Biennial Artist: Wu Tsang
Wu Tsang is a Los Angeles-based artist working in film, performance, social practice, and identity and gender politics. Tsang co-organized the party/performance night WILDNESS at MacArthur Park’s Silver Platter, a family-owned bar and refuge to the Latina transgender immigrant community. Damelo Todo (Give Me Everything) examines the intersection of the Silver Platter and WILDNESS, envisioning partying as community building, cultural exchange, and cultural production. By adopting the style of a documentary, Tsang hopes “to impact as many people as possible to see an important ‘ambiguity of being’ that is shared by transgender and immigrant communities.”


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