Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Finishing School's "54"

Finishing School, www.54thefilm.com , website

For the 2010 California Biennial, Finishing School will begin production of 54, their new participatory film project. The project explores the complex socio-economic, and political landscape of biennials - using the invitation to participate in one biennial as an opportunity to critique the very model through the critical dramatizing of another biennial. It is Finishing School's intention that the final version of 54 be presented as an official artwork in a third biennial. 54 employs relevant biennial histories and narratives, investigates the role of biennial audience as participants, and speculates about the impact biennials have on culture.

The film blends narrative, cinema vèrité, and improvised experimental cinematic styles. Intervention, homage, appropriation, and collaboration are important tactics in the making of the film. Described by FS as "absurdly complex" 54 is a multi-faceted project without traditional boundaries between the process of making the film, the completed film, and the interactive installation where it will be presented as a completed project. 54 is Finishing School's most ambitious project to date, both conceptually, and geographically.

Visitors to the CA Biennial are encouraged to participate in scenes filmed at the museum and surrounding locations scheduled during the course of the exhibition. Additionally, visitors are invited to meet them in Italy where they will also be filming in and around the Venice Biennale in June 2011. Please visit the project website for more information about the trip.

Visit  www.54thefilm.com for more information. 

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