Friday, November 19, 2010

Greetings from the Nationwide Museum Mascot Project and OCMAscot

It was great fun meeting and greeting you [over opening weekend]. We think it is very swell to be promoting and cheering for OCMA and the 2010 California Biennial. The OCMA staff and biennial artists have made it so easy for us to do our job. Congratulations to all for a super-duper exhibition!

Some of the highlights of [opening] weekend include finally getting to see people use and enjoy the Glofitti Room (thanks to Albert, Matt, Steve and John, et al.); doing the OCMAscot boogie for Finishing School’s new film ‘54’; getting photographed with OCMA’s Board President; watching curator Sarah Bancroft cut-a-rug; and people-watching inside the mascot costume. We gave lots of hugs, especially to serious people in suits (OCMAscot has a soft spot for them). A couple of kids and adults even volunteered to wear OCMAscot and made great mascots-in-training. We hope more people will be up for the challenge. We also grooved to Juan Capistrano’s music on Sunday. Most of all, we really enjoyed meeting all the Biennial artists—a very nice bunch of people.

Big props to Carlee Fernandez for her endurance and commitment to her very cool piece. Also, thanks to Steve Wilson for the moonlight walk and the great music and light show that ended in a beautiful blaze of glory (thanks N.B.P.D.) And finally, congratulations to all artists from NWMMP’s hometown of San Diego.

The business park that houses OCMA is very pleasant. We’ve been waving to passersby in vehicles on San Clemente Drive. People have been very friendly by waving back to us and honking. We hope it helps them notice the museum better!

On another note, we are looking to record some OCMA inspired theme songs.  If there are any musicians, sound artists, or music lovers out there that would be interested in this, please let us know–

Please stay tuned for us at OCMA Free Second Sundays and other events from now through March. You may even see us in the greater OC and Los Angeles area.

Go OCMA and Go 2010 California Biennial!

NWMMP and OCMAscot ©


  1. I saw the show and asked for my money back. This was an insult to quality and concept as a cornerstone for art. Just one artist opinion

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